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Arborists practice arboriculture, which involves taking care of trees and plants. The arborists prune, trim, and even cut down trees and shrubs that may interfere with public and residential areas. If the trees overgrow and start to block the roads, pathways, and the electric lines, they resolve the issues by either cutting or trimming the trees.

They have ample knowledge and skills regarding different trees. Thus, they are in a better position to look after the trees and shape them to the right growing sizes and patterns.

What services do arborists provide?

Tree pruning involves the removal of some parts of the tree, such a bud, branch, and stem. The process is recommended to help in preserving the health and better growth of the trees. The arborist may remove an infected part of the tree or an outgrowing branch.

An arborist also prunes the parts of trees that cove roof gutters, roofs, and electric lines, which may cause hazards, especially during the rainy seasons. They have excellent skills in removing the unwanted parts without harming the entire tree.

This service applies to the trees growing too close, where there is a dead tree, or if a tree is not growing in the right place. Also, a weak tree, and you feel that it may cause an accident around your home and should be removed.

This involves the removal branches of the tree to create a space for light to penetrate to other parts of the tree. This also helps prevent the blockage of wind, thus lowering tree hazards (falling branches  or trees falling over) during times of strong winds.

This is taking  a tree form an area where it is not wanted and putting it somewhere you do want it. This can be a quite complex process and not suitable for all types of tree especially large trees.

Trees also require special care to enable them to grow healthy and last for long. The tree surgery services offered by the arborist include; tree injection with nutrients, bracing of the branches meant to strengthen them, the addition of the possum guard, and many other things that can improve the health of your tree.

If a dead part of a tree is not removed immediately, it may be dangerous to other parts of the tree. This is because it acts as a disease entry point. Therefore, an arborist can help by removing the dead tree parts or the problem parts of the tree to prevent this.

If the tree roots grow in unwanted areas, you can prevent them from interfering with places like the driveways and drains in your home. This can involve the use of root barriers, which redirect the roots to grow in another direction and other techniques. Also, some arborists may advise you to prune some places.

A stump is the part of the tree that remains when the tree is cut. Stumps can be unsightly and the tree may regrow from the stup if it is not removed. You can hire an aborist to remove the stump. Often this involves stump grinding where a machine grinds the stump to below the level of the soil. 

Consultation and reports services provided by professional arborists

Some of the consultation services offered by professional arborists include;

Pest management
Soil management
Tree assessment and diagnosis
Root zone management
Tree surveys
Tree preservation strategies.
Tree development assessment
Tree performance monitoring, and tree structure rectification, among others.

Arborist can provide a scientific report containing details about the issues that affect your trees and how to resolve them scientifically.

Arborists can also works together with the local council, where they provide a report after surveying trees situated where construction is taking place. They can also measure the effectiveness of the existing trees around the new building.

How much do arborists charge?

Tree specialists usually charge by the hour for their services. Other than this, they also consider the type of tree services needed, and people who need to be involved in the project. In most cases, the charges range from 60 to 180 dollars.

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