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Laying down carpet is one area of your home that you will want to hire a professional for installation, as it needs to fit the room exactly.

Another vital component of having a carpeted room is the underlay that gets installed before the carpet. It is recommended that before the process of carpet installation begins, that you have a sample and view it in the room so that you can see exactly how this carpet will look as relates to the lighting in the room; carpets can look different in the showroom.

When the carpet is installed, the joins and seams both need to be laid correctly so they are not visible, and this will also ensure that the carpet is more durable. Joins and seems should not be placed in high traffic areas, such as around windows or doors. As it is being laid, the carpet installers will inspect the carpet and stretch it to ensure that it fits the room exactly and that there are no wrinkles after installation.

After installation, it is important to make sure that the room is well-ventilated, to eliminate the new carpet smell. After installation, the carpet should be vacuumed to remove any loose fibers or debris. When having your new carpet installed, it is recommended to ask the installers if you can have any scraps of the carpet for repairs in the future.

Carpet Repair

Carpets are an investment in the look and feel of your home or office space. Carpet repair technicians are able to repair carpets that have been damaged over time, and they are able to:

Types of Carpet

Cut Pile: often referred to as plush pile carpet, this carpet type provides the smoothest finish because of all the tufts in the carpet, which are all cut to exactly the same length. However, it should be noted that this carpet type can show up shading that results from vacuuming or walking; this should be taken into consideration when thinking about installing this carpet type.

Twist Pile: another variation of the cut pile carpet, the fiber in this type of carpet has a higher twist and random kinks. What this means is that even though the fibers are all the same color, it gives a certain texture to the carpet.

Patterned cut pile: same to the cut pile carpets, but there is a pattern printed on the top. This pattern can be more attractive to some consumers, and also hides stains and durability loss.

Patterned twist pile: this carpet has the same as a normal twist pile carpet, but also has a pattern printed on the top.

Patterned cut and loop: cut and loop carpets are made up of fibers that are both cut and uncut. The uncut fibers are the loops, and the placement of the loops creates the pattern that you see on the carpet.

Textured loop pile: sometimes referred to as multi-level loop, as the fibers in this carpet type are fully looped, and none of them are cut. This ensures that the carpet has a high durability factor, and because the loops are at varying heights, patterns and textures can be formed in this carpet.

Textured cut and loop carpet: textures are formed in this type of carpet by using varying loops and cut fibers in different heights. By varying the heights of the fibers, many different forms of this carpet can be made.

Sisal carpet: also known as cord, sisal carpets are made up of loops of fibers that can either be formed in structured rows or random patterns; it is a very durable carpet.

Carpet tiles can be a durable and flexible flooring option. Carpet tiles are used for a large number of commercial projects. However, they aren’t suitable in all situations. 

It is best to use a professional to lay the carpet tiles so that they are strait and look good.

Here is All You Need to Know About Carpets and Rugs

If you are wanting to have a new carpet installed in your home, it is highly recommended that you utilize the services of a professional carpet installer. When using a professional, the first thing that you will want to find out is if they will move your furniture if needed, or if this is something they ask to have completed before they start their process. Additionally, you will want to find out if they will remove and dispose of the old carpet or flooring themselves.

Carpet suppliers are available to supply a multitude of carpet types for your home; suppliers should have a large range of quality carpets ranging from a wide selection of prices and colors. They can supply carpet such as cut pile, twist pile, patterned cut pile, patterned twist pile, patterned cut and loop, textured cut and loop, textured loop, and sisal.

When choosing a carpet, underlay is another important aspect that should be considered. When purchasing the underlay for your carpet, try and buy the best that your budget allows. Although you are not able to see the underlay once the carpet has been laid, a good underlay will add cushion to the carpet and ensure that it wears slowly and evenly, which intern lengthens the life of your carpet. It will also help with insulation, and reduce noise by absorbing it.

Carpet dyeing is a great way to revitalize your carpets that have been worn down, aged, faded, stained, had chemicals spilled on them, or are too light for your uses. One of the great things about this is the fact that dye is available in a wide range of colors so you can choose a modern and practical color; additionally, it can be used on both wool or nylon carpets. You can also have the carpets dyed back to their original color, and this option is especially useful for revitalizing your carpet. In order to determine if your carpet is a good candidate for dyeing, you will need to perform what is called a patch test; if the color runs or “bleeds” then it is not suitable for carpet dyeing. But if it stays, it can be dyed.

Carpet Durability

When choosing the right carpet for your home, durability should be taken into consideration. Carpet tests are performed by experts in the field that grade carpets according to their performance and quality. There are three main factors that should be considered:


Carpets are manufactured using either natural or synthetic fibers; these fibers are made into yarn which is tufted or locked into a backing that forms the final pile. The main types of carpet fibers are nylon, wool, and polypropylene.


The term density as relates to carpets refers to how much yarn is in the carpet, and how close the tufts of yarn are in relation to each other. The denser the carpet is, the more durable it will be. A density test can be performed by pushing your fingers through the pile of carpet and try to reach the backing; the harder it is to feel the backing, the higher quality the carpet is. Alternatively, you can try to bend the carpet backward; during this test, you should not be able to see much of the backing, especially in higher-quality carpets.


When talking about the twist of the carpet, we are referring to the yarn being twisted upon itself. Once twisted, the yarn is set into place by steam or heat; generally speaking, the tighter the twist, the more durable the carpet will be.

How much Does Carpet Installation Cost?

The two main factors that determine how much it will cost for your new carpet to get installed is the square feet of the area, and the initial cost of the chosen carpet. Including the underlay, you can expect to be charged anywhere from $20-$50 per square meter. However, it should be noted that there are a variety of underlay thicknesses available that vary in cost. In terms of carpet, at the more expensive end, you have wool and sisal, with acrylic and polypropylene at the lower end of the spectrum. During your quote, you should ask for clarification to find out if the removal and disposal of your old carpet are included in the price.

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Here are some key things to consider when hiring an carpet specialist so you are not disappointed.

As with any type of tradesman, when you are choosing your carpet layer or repairer, you will want to choose someone who is both qualified and experienced in the industry. A fully itemized quote should be provided by them showing you exactly how much each action they perform will cost, as well as the cost of the materials that they will need. To avoid any surprises, you should make sure that this quote covers the cost of moving furniture during the process of carpet installation or repair. If you are looking to save costs, you can opt into removing the old carpet yourself; and keep in mind that the floor will need to be cleaned before new carpet can be laid.

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By using a licensed Tradie to install or repair your air conditioning you get peace of mind that they are qualified to undertake the job.

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Experienced Tradies generally do a better job. Some Tradies specialise in a certain type of job. This is why we ask some many questions, so it is easier for you to be matched with relevant tradies.

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Make sure the tradie has appropriate insurance. This will mean that you and your property are protected if something goes wrong.

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