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If your carpet has a wrinkle in it, or is looking a little stretched out and is not laying flat like it did at one time, this does not mean that you have to spend the money to install a new carpet. In most cases, the carpet can be fixed to look like it should be having it restretched.

What you Need to Know About Carpet Restretching

One of the most common issues that you may run into with older carpets is the fact that they can stretch over time, which causes them to not lay flat in the room anymore. This is undesirable in the fact that it not only looks bad, but it can also be a safety hazard because you can trip over the wrinkles and ridges.

Additionally, the carpet that has been stretched over time will need to be replaced more quickly than the carpet that lays flat.

Carpet restretching is a process that is completed by a professional carpet installer.

The purpose of this process is to remove all of the lumps and ridges that are now in your carpet and make sure that it lays flat in the room once more.

It has been shown that re-fitting the carpet to your room can add up to 5 years to the life of the carpet, which will save you the cost of replacing the carpet before it is needed. When you are getting restretching of your carpet done, it is important that you use a reputable carpet installer that is experienced in their field.

Types of Carpet

Cut Pile: often referred to as plush pile carpet, this carpet type provides the smoothest finish because of all the tufts in the carpet, which are all cut to exactly the same length. However, it should be noted that this carpet type can show up shading that results from vacuuming or walking; this should be taken into consideration when thinking about installing this carpet type.

Twist Pile: another variation of the cut pile carpet, the fiber in this type of carpet has a higher twist and random kinks. What this means is that even though the fibers are all the same color, it gives a certain texture to the carpet.

Patterned cut pile: same to the cut pile carpets, but there is a pattern printed on the top. This pattern can be more attractive to some consumers, and also hides stains and durability loss.

Patterned twist pile: this carpet has the same as a normal twist pile carpet, but also has a pattern printed on the top.

Patterned cut and loop: cut and loop carpets are made up of fibers that are both cut and uncut. The uncut fibers are the loops, and the placement of the loops creates the pattern that you see on the carpet.

Textured loop pile: sometimes referred to as multi-level loop, as the fibers in this carpet type are fully looped, and none of them are cut. This ensures that the carpet has a high durability factor, and because the loops are at varying heights, patterns and textures can be formed in this carpet.

Textured cut and loop carpet: textures are formed in this type of carpet by using varying loops and cut fibers in different heights. By varying the heights of the fibers, many different forms of this carpet can be made.

Sisal carpet: also known as cord, sisal carpets are made up of loops of fibers that can either be formed in structured rows or random patterns; it is a very durable carpet.

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