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Curtains are not just great for customizing the look of your home but are also practical as well. While there are some great looking readymade curtains available, they pale in comparison to the custom-made varieties.

Investing in a company that can make you a good pair of custom-made curtains is well worth the time and money.

What are Custom Made Curtains?

As the name implies, custom made curtains are simply curtains that are tailored to fit your specific needs and wants. As you may know, not all window is the same size, and choosing a custom-made curtain will ensure that it fits your windows perfectly, no matter how awkwardly sized it is.

There are thousands of fabrics available for selection, and you can choose which one you would like, or even choose a combination of different fabrics.

When choosing custom made curtains, you will want to make sure that in addition to looking great, they also fit your needs as relates to light, temperature control, and privacy. Custom made curtains can be manually operated or motorized, and you can choose to implement a wide variety of accessories.

Custom Made Curtain Services

Custom made curtain services can be provided by certain suppliers, or by stores that offer decorating services. The services that are included in these ‘packages’ include a consultation with advice on color choices and curtain types, the production of your curtains, and the installation.

During the consultation, you will want to remember to ask if the curtains come with a warranty, if so how long, and all that the warranty entails. Before any production begins, your curtain supplier should also provide you with a quote and take measurements of your windows.

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Here are some key things to consider when hiring an curtain specialist so you are not disappointed.


Use A Licensed Tradie

By using a licensed Tradie to install or repair your air conditioning you get peace of mind that they are qualified to undertake the job.

Use An Experienced Tradie

Experienced Tradies generally do a better job. Some Tradies specialise in a certain type of job. This is why we ask some many questions, so it is easier for you to be matched with relevant tradies.

Use An Insured Tradie

Make sure the tradie has appropriate insurance. This will mean that you and your property are protected if something goes wrong.

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