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Deck building services

One of the reasons that most people still prefer decking in their houses is because this type of building is great value for money. It is a great way to increase your outdoor living areas.
 It does not require expensive materials, and building it is not as complex as many other home improvements.

Decking is usually built using timber. There are different varieties of wood to choose from each with different characteristics.

Some of the commonly used materials for decking include:  

You can use these materials to achieve different designs in the form of flat, rectangular, or any other design that you may prefer in your home.

Timber Decking

Treated pine

This is the cheapest decking timber in the market.

Treated pine can be stained and polished in different colours to give a great look.

The main drawback with pine is that it is a bit soft, and can get dents from scratches more easily than hardwoods. 


This wood is classified as a type of hardwood, although it is still relatively cheap.

Merbau is also the leading timber used for the construction of decks due to its durability. 

Blackbutt/ spotted gum and silver ash

All these timbers are grown and harvested in Australia.

Silver gum resembles pine, although it is a bit harder.

These can also be polished and stained to give your deck a great look.

Choosing decking timber

Choosing a decking timber is about durability and cost.

If you want to keep costs down you can go for a cheaper softwood like pine. However, cheaper softwoods are not as durable as hardwoods. Recycled wood may be a good option as a way to get a better price.   

How to take care of the decking wood

To protect your wood you need to seal and oil it.

Wood can be sealed and oiled before or after is it made into a deck. Oiling and sealing protects your deck and helps the timber to maintain a natural look for a long time. There are both oil-based and acrylic based stains and sealers.

Bamboo decking

Bamboo is one of the most recommended decking materials on the market. Although it is technically a type of grass, it has strong and durable fibres make it suitable for decking.

Bamboo can also be stained to make it look like other timbers.

Why is bamboo recommended for decking?

Composite decking

This is the type of decking that consists of wood and plastic materials, also referred to as (WPC). This material has not been particularly common in the past. However, now some people are noticing that it can be a good material for deck building. The timber and plastic material are usually molded to give a natural timber look. You can choose to have a complete natural timber look or stained timber look.

The cost of composite decking

The cost of buying and installing composite decking is usually about the same as with premium timber. However, maintaining composite is usually a lot cheaper than natural wood.

What are the main features of composite decking materials

How to choose the best composite decking material

To get the best when buying composite material, you may want to:

  • Choose the materials sold with long term warranty for quality assurance.
  • Quality composite materials are relatively expensive, and thus, you may spend more money on purchasing it.


PVC decking

PVC decking, also referred to as polyvinyl decking, was not so common in deck construction in the early days. This is because the materials can deteriorate when exposed to the UV rays in sunlight. However, newer PVC materials are made to be UV resistant. PVC is also like composite decking because it is easy to maintain.

How to choose the best PVC decking material

When choosing the PVC, select the materials sold with an extended period warranty for quality assurance. Also, consider the areas that you live in. If you live in bushfire areas, consider the PVC made of fire resistant materials.

Decking Design Tips & Tricks

    • Decking is a versatile structure that can be used as a fair-weather deck, or you can add a bi-fold door and use as an extension.
    • Consider your deck design option before choosing the material to build it with.
    • Composite and PVC decking is the best decking material option for wet areas since timber can quickly rot.
    • Create a multi-leveled deck design to achieve a great design.
    • You can create a deck over concrete.

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