Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies for Electricians


Even if you don’t have a registered company or belong to a large chain company like some electricians, that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t market yourself in the same way. There may not be the resources available to market yourself that larger companies have, but you still can; you will find that it is surprising how many more clients and work are available after doing so.

Regardless of if you work alone or have a small team to help you, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to market yourself, which will help you to succeed. They will not take a lot of your time or energy, and they have been proven to increase your revenue, net you more clients, and grow your business.

1. Identify the Type of Work you Want

Firstly, you need to determine what type of work you are wanting to find projects for. There are a lot of different leads out there that you can begin to follow, determining the type of clients and customers that are best suited for your line of work is an important first step.

2. Know your Target Market

The second step in successfully marketing yourself and business should be to identify where the type of work that you want will be. As an example, if you are seeking to increase the amount of new construction sites that you find work on, contractors and architects may be your best resource to find work.

Alternatively, if you are looking for repair and maintenance work, then your target market may be homeowners and property managers.

3. Network with Other Businesses

Networking with other small businesses or individuals to get your name out there is another great way to grow your business. This allows you to count on others to do some of the busy work for you; for instance, if you know another small business that has a neighbour that is in need or repair work or has other electrical needs, they may refer them to you.

There are a lot of ways to do this, such as sites like Linkedin and Facebook.

4. Use Your Existing Customers

If you are experiencing a dry spell and are looking for work, it can help to ask previous or current customers if they know of anyone that is looking to hire someone with your skillset.

This is a fantastic marketing strategy because new customers want to hear about experiences that satisfied customers have had with your services. Word of mouth is a great way to get your name out there and land future jobs.

5. Offer a Free Annual Check

This is a great way to foster goodwill with your existing customers, and will keep them satisfied. By sending out an email or mailing a card that offers them a free check-up or diagnostics test, you are promoting loyalty to you and it provides the opportunity for more work if you do happen to find an issue.

6. Ask your Existing Customers for Testimonials

If you have satisfied customers, you can simply ask them to give you good reviews or spread the word of your good work. In today’s modern age of technology, customer reviews are increasingly important.

Over 80% of potential customers will read reviews online and research before even setting up a consultation or diagnosis. This may seem anxiety-inducing, but if you are just starting simply work on getting as many positive reviews as you can, and the rest will come in time.

7. Ask for Referrals

Another side of number 6, you can ask satisfied customers to refer your business to people that they know need electrical work. If they are pleased with your work, chances are that they would be more than happy to share their experience with you to people that they work with, or even their neighbours.

8. Be Your Own Billboard

When your presence, such as workspace and company vehicles, are clean, tidy, and show an accurate representation of yourself, it can do wonders for your image. Make sure to keep up on these seemingly small things to guarantee you are sending the right message to potential or existing customers and clients.

Additionally, make sure that your brand is located not just on your vehicle but on your uniforms too; this allows your brand logo to be proudly displayed for the community to see. Don’t forget to make the contact details clear. If you want calls put your telephone number in big letters on your vehicle. You would be surprised how many times I have seen a ute with the telephone number so small that you need to be right next to it before you can see the number, it is almost as if they don’t want to be called.

9. Community Presence

Going further into keeping your work areas clean, tidy, and presentable, having a strong community presence is another great way to grow your business and find potential clients or customers. If you have an office space, this is a great area to host an open house to tell the community about yourself, your ethics and standards, and find some more business.

10. Invest in Your Business Branding Design

With every object that contains the branding of your business, such as cards and uniforms, you have the opportunity to share your business with the community. If you have a good design sense, this is a great chance to improve on your branding to make it stick out; or if you don’t, there are plenty of designers who are looking for work that would be more than happy to help you with this.

11. Build Name Recognition

Be creative in ways that you can use your brand logo, such as on pens and coffee cups that you can give away for free at an open house, or after a job has been completed.

Customize your uniforms, and put your logo on as many things as possible to spread the word about your company. This way, when potential or existing customers have electrical work that needs to be done, they will automatically think of you and your business.

12. Use Social Media

A lot of marketing in today’s age is done online, and social media is a great platform to do this. Your customers are sure to be using social media, and so should you; it is not only a great way to engage with current customers, but also to find new ones. Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are all great options to start with.

13. Get on Review Sites

Sites that host reviews for businesses such as My Tradie Finder are great marketing tools that can be used to your advantage. People who are looking for an electrician are likely to check the reviews first, and if you have a lot of positive ones, they will probably reach out to you for a consultation.

Ensure that your business is listed on this site, and when you finish a job make sure to ask your customer or client to leave you a positive review.

Another advantage of being listed on My Tradie Finder is that it has an Approved Tradies Platform area where you can browse quote requests from people that want your services. This can help you to get leads on demand when you want them instead of waiting to be contacted.

Find out more about getting listed on My Tradie Finder ?.