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Common Types of Roof Materials

There are range of materials that can be used for roofing. Here are some common types:

Metal is a great material for roofing. Corrugated metal roofing is inexpensive and durable. Colorbond is a common metal roofing product that is popular in Australia. 

Tiles are popular as a roof covering all over the world including Australia. Roofing tiles come in a wide range of colours and styles.   

Flat roofing can be a great option in many cases. However, flat roofing requires special roofing type like Trimdek to ensure that water drains properly. 

Clear roofing is great to let in light. Skylights are commonly used in housing.  Other clear roofing such as Lysaght is not commonly used on house roofs and is more commonly used on verandas, pergolas or sheds.

Common Styles of Roof

There is a range of roof styles available. Get a roof builder to install one of these quality roof types:

Hipped Roofs – A hipped roof has a structure that has three or more angles. They offer a great deal of protection to the home because they can withstand all types of weather conditions. They are a popular choice for homes near the coast because they keep the home protected from the wind.

Gabled Roofs – A gabled roof may also be referred to as a pitched roof as it has two planes that meet at a central ridge. This creates a very traditional look and they are one of the most cost effective options for a new roof. The pitch of the roof means that a lot of space is created inside the home and this means that there is potential for the attic to be used as a bedroom.

Curved Roofs – You will get a softer appearance from a curved roof as the edges are rounded. They tend to be more expensive than other options but they do have a thicker base which offers more protection. They have a modern appearance and are often found on newer properties.

Flat Roofs – The pitch on a flat roof is low which makes them appear flat. It is more common to find them on apartment buildings and commercial properties rather than individual houses. It is also common for these roofs to be made from metal, although they can be made from other material.

Skillion Roofs – A skillion roof has a flat surface but it is pitched at a noticeable angle. The pitch can vary according to the needs of the homeowner. They can be pitched at a slight angle and this gives them a lot of the advantages that flat roofs have.

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Here are some key things to consider when hiring a roofing specialist so you are not disappointed.

Use A Licensed Tradie

By using a licensed Tradie to install or repair your air conditioning you get peace of mind that they are qualified to undertake the job.

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Experienced Tradies generally do a better job (quality workmanship). Some Tradies specialise in a certain type of job. This is why we ask some many questions, so it is easier for you to be matched with relevant tradies.

Use An Insured Tradie

Make sure the tradie has appropriate insurance. This will mean that you and your property are protected if something goes wrong.

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