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88 percent of consumers research products online before making a purchase!

Why is advertising is important for tradesmen?

Customers are the lifeblood of a business, without customers there are no sales and without sales there is no profit. Advertising is a proven was to bring in new clients so that you can keep revenue coming in and even grow your business.

If you are a tradesman that wants to stay busy with a constant stream of new jobs then you need marketing and that means advertising.

If you are a trades business that wants to expand and have enough new customers to increase your staff and profits, you need advertising!


"Don't be that annoying business that pushes your message to people that don't want it. Be that guy that people come to for the service they want when they want it!"

Tradie Advertising Options

There a many ways that trades companies can advertise their business. 

Some of the Marketing has its origins in word or mouth and signage. These still work today but it is difficult to reach many people using just word or mouth and signage. 

Radio when it first became popular was the best place to market your business as that was where people’s attention was and it was easy and cost effective to reach your customers. 

Then when television became popular that became the place to advertise.

Today, radio and television have become saturated and expensive and the reach (number of people that get your message) is reduced. Furthermore, it is not a very targeted way to reach your target customers, most people that hear or see your message are not interested in your services.

Advertising For Tradesmen | Trades & Tradies

Digital Advertising for Trades

In the 21st Century (now) digital advertising is the most cost effective advertising that a trades services company can do. 

More and more customers are reaching for their phone and typing into a search engine the trades service that they need. This means that if they are not finding you online they are finding your competitors. Not only that but these people are actively looking for your service. 

What is better than getting customers that are looking for the services that you offer? This is a much better way than other forms of marketing and advertising like radio or TV where your message is interrupting what they want to be doing to tell them about something that they probably don’t need right now. 

Don’t be that annoying business that pushes your message to people that don’t want it. Be that guy that helps people get the service they want when they want it!

Best Advertising For Tradesmen

The answer to “What is the best advertising for tradesmen?” is to Add Your Business to My Tradie Finder! My Tradie Finder is a platform where tradespeople can add their business listing and get found online for people that are searching for their services.

There are a range of different ways to advertise.

You can advertise on billboards, the radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, facebook ads, google ads and many other places.

The problem with this is that as a tradie and not a professional advertising agency you are likely to get a negative return on your investment, unless you spend a lot of time, effort and money learning what is working now and continuing to adapt your strategy to ensure that it keeps working. 

There is a better way! Get your business listed on My Tradie Finder and let My Tradie Finder figure it out and send you customers.


Facebook ads for tradies

Some tradespeople this that Facebook ads will be a good way to bring them more customers. However, Facebook ads for tradies often provide a low or negative return on investment unless you spend a lot of time optimising your ad campaign. 

It is true that your customers are on Facebook. However, when the average person is using Facebook they are not thinking about purchasing trade services. They are thinking about socialising with their friends and family and watching funny cat videos or their favourite hobby.

People just swipe past your advertisement and continue socialising. In some cases your advertisement can be intrusive and annoying as it interrupts them whilst they are doing something else.

Facebook ads are not really the right place for trades services. Facebook ads is a better option for hobbies related ads where people have a general interest in the topic rather than the off chance that they need something like their toilet fixed or something installed. 

How Much Does Is Cost To Advertise Your Business on My Tradie Finder?

Depending on when you are viewing this the price to sign up for My Tradie Finder may have changed. Your best option is to go to the Add Listing page and register to add your business to see the current pricing to list your business.

My Tradie Finder has an additional option to connect Tradies with clients inquiring for trades quotes, these job leads can include a description of the services wanted, the location and other relevant information.  

Who Should Advertise On My Tradie Finder

Advertising on My Tradie Finder is suitable for most Australian tradespeople business. Some common trades include:

How My Tradie Finder Works

This is how My Tradie Finder works for clients looking for trade services.

Tell us what you need

Search and contact tradies directly or describe your project, where your project is located and what you need done. The more details the better.

Compare Quotes

Tradies will contact you and provide quotes. Compare quotes and select the best one.

Hire your tradie

Hire your chosen Tradie. Book in your job. Get your project completed.

Provide Feedback

Once the tradie has completed your job and have been paid, leave a review about how they performed on My Tradie Finder.

Add Your Local Business!

Frequently Asked Questions?

There are no fees or charges for connecting with tradies through the My Tradie Finder platform. After you have a quote you’re comfortable with, you can arrange for the work to be done. This is arranged directly with your selected tradesperson or service provider. After the work is completed and you have paid your tradie, don’t forget to provide feedback through the My Tradie Finder platform.

Tradespeople on My Tradie Finder are independent business operators and accept a range of payment options. Many of our tradespeople and service providers also accept cash payments. After the job is completed it is also very important to leave a review of the tradesperson or service provider on the My Tradie Finder platform. 

Yes, My Tradie Finder welcomes appropriately licensed, insured and reputable tradies. Please register and add your listing to be considered to join the platform.

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