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What Is My Tradie Finder?

My Tradie Finder helps customers find, choose and connect with Tradies.

The My Tradie Finder platform has been developed by people with years of experience in marketing for small businesses.

We have sent an enormous amount of ‘ready to buy’ clients to small to medium size businesses just like you.

Get found by more customers

More than ever customers are researching online before they purchase products or services.

If they are not finding you they are finding your competitors.

My Tradie Finder is optimised for search engines like google where people are searching online for your services.

Having your business listed on My Tradie Finder puts your business in front of more potential customers.

Even out your job pipeline

Does your job calendar have some gaps?

We can help you fill your quiet times with customers.

My Tradie Finder can help you get customer leads on demand.

Book out your schedule for many months into the future. 

Grow your business profits

Do you want more customers and more profit?

Get a steady source of customers whenever you want them.

You can have all of the business that you can handle (and more if you want it).

How Does Listing Your Business Work?

1. Enter Your Business details.

Provide some details about your business. It takes 5 to 10  minutes to complete. 

2. People Searching For Your Services Find Your Listing.

People searching for your services online find your business listing.

3. Get Contacted By Targeted Buyers.

Interested people viewing your business listing you will contact you directly for a quote.

What does a business listing on My Tradie Finder include?

Your listing on My Tradie Finder includes all of the information customers need to find you and contact you.

Business are also displayed on under the “Business category” at “location” pages (E.g. Fencing contractors Melbourne Eastern Suburbs”).

This makes them be easily found by customers looking for those business services in that area.

Your listing includes:

Business listings are mobile-friendly so they look great on both desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Business listing name

Example of a business listing on a mobile phone showing the business name.

Business description and services

Example of a business listing on a mobile phone showing the business description, services provided and recent work.

Business location and service area

Example of a business listing on a mobile phone showing the business service area and location.

How Does The Approved Tradies Platform Work?

1. Browse lead details.

Quickly filter and browse leads by type and region. You choose which leads you’re interested in.

2. Choose leads that you want.

Select leads that you want to contact. We will charge you a small fee to put you in contact with the lead.

3. Contact lead to arrange a quote.

Get in contact with leads that you have chosen and arrange with the lead to provide a quote. The customers decides who they hire.

What does the Approved Tradies platform include?

The Approved Tradies platform is available to approved reputable tradies that have a business listing on My Tradie Finder.

It allows approved tradies to access customer quote requests1.

You can browse through client quote requests whenever you like 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Only take on clients that meet your requirements.

1 Note: there is a small fee to connect to customers requesting quotes.

View available jobs

Browse and view available job quote request from customers.

Filter jobs by type to easily find get jobs you want to do.

Customer quote inquiry - title and description

Click on a job quote request to see the job description.

Customer inquiry job details

Scroll down to see more details about the job. Each job is limited to a small number of tradies. 

Customer inquiry job and location details

See the job location. Purchase to see client contact details. Only a small fee is charged.

My Tradie Finder is an easy to use online platform

After listing your business, log on to My Tradie Finder’s tradie platform to connect with customers.

You can quickly & easily go to the ‘View jobs’ area to easily get new customer leads looking for your services.

My tradie finder on mobile

Get new customers when you need them

Any time (24/7) you need new customers, you can access the My Tradie Finder tradies platform.

Filter job types and browse job descriptions submitted by customers.

Take only jobs that meet your criteria. 


“Now is a good time for tradies to diversify their customer acquisition and income sources.”

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Risk FREE! 100% Satisfaction!
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We provide a 100% MONEY-BACK-IN-YOUR-UNHAPPY-HANDS-FAST guarantee.

No one has wanted to use it yet but it is there – for your peace of mind and ours too!

If for whatever reason you are unhappy just contact us and let us know and we will refund your money in full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A quote request (also known as a lead) is where a client completes quote request form asking to be contacted by tradies to quote on a project.

These can be viewed under ‘View Jobs’ in the tradie members area.

Choose only the quote requests/leads that you want to take and contact.

Client leads are priced based on a range of factors.

Factors include the service type, size of the job being requested, the location of the job, the cost to acquire the lead.

The typical price for most leads is between $2 to $8.

You can contact support via our contact page.

We want to hear your feedback and help you with any issues you have.

We do everything in our power to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Click here to go to our contact page.

What My Tradie Finder Users Say:

Summary: What you get

1. Business listing with your business contact details.

  • Be more visible online
  • Be found and contacted by more customers looking online for your services

2. Access to on-demand client inquires via the approved tradies platform

  • Search and browse customer inquiries
  • Choose only those customers that you want 
  • Access customer platform 24/7
  • Easy & quick to use

You will never need to think about where your next customer will come from again!

Risk FREE! 100% Satisfaction!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We Are Expensive But We Are Worth It!

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